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Your Idea, Your Branding, Your Success.

Whether it be the next big thing or an improvement of an already existing idea, our job is to get your business set up and thrive. We understand that not everyone is an expert, and we know that you may have no idea how or where even to start, which is why our job at SIMP Solutions is to guide you through a path to success. We will assist you in taking your first steps to make a company. We will guide you on growing that company to its maximum potential. We will teach you how to manage your brand and what legal processes you need to go through. We can help answer your tough questions and provide valuable resources to learn with. We are here for you; we are here for your success.

How does all this work?

Step 1 - Perfect your idea.

You most likely have a business idea in mind if you are here. If you don’t, that is fine. Our first step into creating your business is to understand your vision and work out all the kinks. If you do not have an idea, we will help you look at some options and work with our creative team to develop something. We will also investigate what market we are trying to target and do some research on the topic during this step. We also need to create a “Why” and “Who are we.” If you haven’t gotten a business name yet, this is also something we will help with.

Step 2 - Your business plan.

Now that we have an idea of what we want, it’s time to plan how. We will start to look deeper into your vision, researching how others have succeeded in the market. We will go over what needs to happen, what will make the business unique, and the steps to reaching our goals. This step will also introduce our first essential problems to solve and what problems might arise in the future.

Step 3 - Finances.

Finances scare just about everyone. However, just about every business will require money to operate, which means investment into starting a company. Please don’t be scared about this; we know most of you can not put in thousands of dollars to start your idea. We will go over how much it will cost to get started and any possible cost you might face down the road. We will also go over financing and fundraising options to help you get started. Anyone can build a successful company with $50 and a passionate drive.

Step 4 - Making it legal.

Before you start making sales, we will need to figure out how your business will operate legally. Everything from getting your formation structure to making sure your business has the proper certifications; we will assist you in ensuring everything is in place. 

Step 5 - Build.

Now that we have everything in place, from our idea to the legality, it’s time we build everything we will need to do your business. We can help with just about everything; logos, websites, commercial real estate, vendors, team building, outsourcing, etc. This process will be the most extended portion and, most likely, the more expensive. We will work closely with you to ensure that everything meets your standards. You will get a dedicated account manager, which will be responsible for ensuring your success with our company. We know we offer many services that can get confusing to navigate through. This is why your dedicated account manager will be a middle man for you and our team. They will talk with you, and oversee your business, to figure out what services you require. From there dedicated account manager will appropriately submit requests to the correct departments.

Step 6 - Advertise, and do business.

It’s your time to shine! After perfecting the brand one final time, we can now advertise and launch your business. We will help you with reaching new customers and managing marketing campaigns. Our team will also help come up with promotional material and ideas. We can help guide you through the business side of social media and how to get your work on a billboard. It’s time to be you; it’s time to be successful.

Are you up for the challenge?